How Are You Starting Your Day?

breathwork calming centering connecting to heart inner peace mindful living mindfulness morning self care self-care stress less stress reduction wellbeing wellness Oct 13, 2022

Do you start the day in a calm or reactive state? Are you able to stay focused for the day?

How are you grounding yourself in the morning? When we don’t start the day by centering ourselves, we often fight that off-kilter, out-of-balance feeling all day. It can cause us to move through the day in a scattered or irritated state, and to lack the focus we need to perform our work effectively. But taking just a few minutes in the morning—even if it means setting your alarm clock  5 minutes earlier—can have a transformative effect on the rest of your day. Some simple practices that can ground you for your day include:

🌟Come back to conscious breathing. Try a simple 4-count breath. Bringing your awareness to your breath by lengthening the inhales and exhales to a count of 4, keeping them smooth and balanced.

🌟Do a short mindful walking exercise. If you are someone who finds that stillness makes all that excess energy bubble to the surface, do a short mindful walking exercise, even just in your bedroom. Stay fully present and connected to your breath for this exercise. If there is a window view of a tree or something in nature that is strong, immobile, and grounded, think about bringing that same grounded awareness to your physical body,

Stand with your feet placed firmly on the ground. Feel the energy from the Earth below and allow the excess nervous energy to flow out through the bottom of your feet to the ground beneath you.

🌟Journal. If writing helps to center you, there is something very powerful about writing in long hand with a pen and paper. Perhaps invest in a beautiful fluid pen and an inspiring journal and take those rampant thoughts of the morning and get them out on paper. This is especially helpful upon awakening, as you are very open to your heart and intuition in those moments and have not yet let the thoughts of the day clutter your mind and awareness.

🌟 Use an affirmation to come back to your own strength and power. Take some quiet time to breathe, and lean into your day in a grounded strength by repeating an affirmation to yourself. Some examples are: 

  • I am steady and strong;
  • I create my own safety; and
  • I stand in my own strength and power.

🌟Coming back to that awareness of centering during the course of your day will reinforce that feeling of focus and harmony.

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