Are you ready to raise your vibe, reconnect with your heart and discover the infinite potential inside you?

Private Coaching to Help You Stress Less & Thrive More


Do you want to...

  • Stop spinning on the stress wheel?


  • Reconnect with your inner heart and step into a more authentic version of you?


  • Slow down and be fully present for your life?
  • Live a life that feeds your soul?


  • Add more balance to your life?


  • Experience your life in a more soul-aligned way?

Why Not Start Living Your Best Spirit-Aligned Life Now?

Coaching Packages Now Available

If you said yes to any of the above, my coaching might be the right fit for you. All my coaching is tailored to your needs and flexible to work with your schedule.

Mindful Living Coaching is a heart-centered approach to coaching that focuses on cultivating more self-care, self-love, mindfulness and self-compassion in your life, so that it is easier to connect with your authentic self and be more present for your life. 

Depending on your goals, some areas we can work on are:

Self-care and self-love practices that help you slow down and reconnect with your heart center

Self-compassion, forgiveness and self-acceptance guidance and practices
Helping you raise your vibe and self-confidence level
Breathwork (pranayama) to relax and bring harmony to your body, mind and spirit
Body neutrality and intuitive eating
Easy ways to be more mindful, focused and present
Taming your inner critic and treating yourself with kindness and compassion
Establishing boundaries and how that is an integral part of self-love.
Creating a loving gratitude practice to feel more blessed
Self-care and respite practices for caregivers and those experiencing grief
Guided meditation experiences that help to relax, rejuvenate and center you 
Reiki healing and energy work
Coaching is based on your personal goals. All coaching sessions are personalized and tailored based on your needs. 

It all starts with a FREE Discovery Chat! No pressure or stress, just a fun way to connect and learn more. 


If you said yes to any of the above, my mindfulness-based wellness coaching might be the right fit for you. 


Mindfulness-Based Wellness Coaching is a heart-centered approach to coaching that focuses on cultivating more self-care, self-love, mindfulness and self-compassion in your life, so that it is easier to connect with your authentic self and be more present for your life. 


It all starts with a FREE Discovery Consultation Call. 


Imagine If...


You could handle challenging situations more calmly, being less reactive to stress.

You could feel completely supported and view yourself with love and compassion.

You could connect more fully to your heart, mind and body.

You could add more balance and flow to your life through mindfulness and healing energy.

You could breathe more deeply and feel more present for your life.

I would love to support you in this. 



I work with my clients in many ways! In private coaching, I work one-on-one with clients in an individualized coaching program, where we explore easy, doable, practical practices that help you reach your personal goals. Each session is tailored for you and your needs. 

I hold space for you each and every session. This is your dedicated time for you to explore supportive practices, receive loving guidance, as well as share your experience on this journey to mindful wellness. 


In 2021, I lost my husband to suicide. I had to call on every tool & technique I had learned from over 10 years of yoga and yogic philosophy training, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) certification, Reiki Master certification, Mindful Self-Compassion training, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® training, workshops, retreats, classes and tons of real-life experience of healing through self-care, to survive. 

But what I learned is that I can still thrive. I can still live a JOYFUL, HEALTHY AND BALANCED LIFE. Now, I help folks who are on their way to being burned-out, stressed-out and overwhelmed – with their careers, parenting, and life responsibilities -- to find practical and mindful ways to practice self-care, self-love and self-compassion and reconnect with their inner self, so they can learn to thrive, as well.

Inspired to learn more?


What’s Included in My Coaching Packages?

  • Private customized coaching with me, either in-person or virtually -- packages are 8 or 12-sessions or 6- or 12-month journeys with options for personalized packages
  • Personalized practices to use during the week to help support your goals
  • In-between session check-ins  
  • Direct support with me between sessions  
  • A program that is individualized and tailored just for you with resources
  • A personal follow-up and recap of each session for your reference
  • May include energy work, guided experiences or meditations, and resources to help you learn more. 
  • And more!

Private Coaching Investment


The entire 8-session one-on-one private coaching package is only $900. 

For a more in-depth transformative experience, register for my 12-session package at only $1200.


Six- and 12-month full integrated coaching journeys and text- & email-only support are also available.

Please reach out here for more information! I am happy to work on a custom package for you. Let's chat!


 Payment plans are available for packages. (Contact me for details.)


By signing up for private coaching you are acknowledging that you’re ready, willing, and committed to working toward a more soul-aligned and authentic self. 

Are You Ready?