What Is Your Soul Calling You To Do?

coaching connecting to heart inner self inner wisdom listening mindful living mindfulness soul soul journey trust the process Apr 22, 2022

When our souls talk, do we listen? When we hear that quiet whisper in our hearts, in our minds, and sometimes in the very depths of our beings, do we stop and take it in? Or do we push it away and hope that our logical brain will overcome what our souls are calling us to do?

Our soul’s message can appear so counterintuitive to what we feel we should be doing. It might go against logic, responsibility, and at times, even duty. How can we possibly follow that path, explore the unknown, or embark on our own, when there is no guarantee? No net to keep us from freefalling.

Challenges mount when the path we are being called to follow means that we might be hurting someone else in some way. We wonder, how can that be my true path, if taking it will cause discomfort or upheaval to others?

But our higher selves always know.

They understand the true nature of that path and the true outcome of that upheaval. What if that discomfort and dis-ease is part of that other person’s soul journey? What if by not taking that path or choosing that calling, we are holding back more than just ourselves?

I have been struggling with this very question in my own life. And I have been wondering how I can make a change and take a leap of faith to live my soul’s passion and purpose when I know that it will bring less security, less of a guarantee of the outcome, and inevitably, more discomfort – to me and maybe others.

But our higher selves always know.

Our truth is always there for us to grasp, sometimes simmering just below the surface. But sometimes it is shining so brightly it nearly blinds us, and we still resist, putting our figurative sunglasses on and turning away.

How can we learn to respond to that soul’s message with trust, confidence, and faith?

We can start by allowing ourselves to listen. To quiet our minds. To tune into what is really happening for us at a soul level. Quiet can be uncomfortable. We are used to distracting ourselves with technology, music, conversation, work and entertainment. Quiet works to help us get in tune within ourselves and what we find can sometimes be unpleasant.

It is all right. All right to peel back the layers slowly. All right to know when you are not ready to peel back any more. The important part is that you are starting that conversation – yes, with your soul. You are starting to listen to your own heart.

Our higher selves always know.

And if we choose to continue to not listen and reflect, we still experience discomfort and dis-ease – because we are choosing to work against our very self.

We often hear the phrase, “Trust the process.” I invite you to take it one step further and trust yourself.

You never know what beautiful life is waiting for you and what you might experience when you are working in harmony with your own soul.