Sitting With Loneliness

coaching connecting to heart goals inner peace inner self inner wisdom mindful living mindfulness Jul 18, 2022

Sitting with loneliness. There is a special kind of loneliness that comes with being a widow. Sometimes, I don’t allow myself to sit with that.

Let me just clarify: not all alone time is loneliness. And not all loneliness comes from being alone. It is just as easy being lonely in a crowd of people as it is watching a great movie on a weekend night. I have plenty of things to do and people to do things with.

But until the past few weeks, when that hint of loneliness came upon me, I would fill it up with busy work or busy conversation. Or maybe just a good social media scroll. Which, honestly, is still fun 😊 

But I have been exploring what it feels like to just sit with this emotion. And it’s not all “bad.” Sometimes you cannot discover the depth of your inner heart until you take the time to be silent with yourself. You cannot explore your own inner landscape until you get comfortable with listening to nothing more than your soul. That is the only way to uncover parts of you that you may have never known existed. Listen to the silence. It is telling you the truth.