Lessons from My Dad

coaching dad father's day life lessons love parenting self-care sharing love travel wellbeing wellness Jun 19, 2022
On this Father’s Day weekend, I am sitting here after a busy week, feeling sentimental and reflecting on my dad and all he brought to my life--and what part he played in making me the woman I am today. There are certainly the lessons he tried to teach me every day. To not be afraid to love with my whole heart. To appreciate those around me and those who have touched my life deeply. To not be afraid to express how I feel. That it was important to let others know when they are cared for and appreciated. My dad was always telling us how loved we were. We never had any need to doubt it. I realize as an adult just how important a lesson that is.
I see a little of him in me every day. In my ability to love fully. The way I can always embrace hope. The way I realize how precious time is here on Earth. And the intuitive way I can read others and feel empathy.
Though he did not always understand my nature, especially my desire for travel and how at home I felt in Europe, he never would have stopped me or discouraged me from doing the things my soul told me were right for me. He would say, “It is incredible, Renee, all you have gotten to see and do. And this is only the beginning.”
And he was right. And even now, so much older and hopefully somewhat wiser, I know it is still only the beginning. And I thank you, Dad, for giving me that inspiration.