Don't Quit Your Daydream

coaching connecting to heart goals life lessons love mindful living motivation overcoming fear secret dreams self-care Jun 20, 2022
We all have them – secret dreams. Secret goals with roots so deep and so impactful that sometimes we are afraid to even whisper them to ourselves. Come on, admit it. You might not want anyone to know, but that dream, that goal or that desire sits there resting in your heart, so tucked away that sometimes you are not even sure it is still there, until something reminds you and then it is like a sucker punch to the gut. The recognition of that dream flutters back to life and you think, “If only…”

Maybe it is a job you would love to land but worry you are not qualified for. Maybe it is a faraway place you would love to move to, but feel called to your hometown by duty or responsibility. Maybe you would give your world to quit your day job and venture out on your own but that level of risk is not something that aligns with where you are right now. Maybe it is a former love you would like to reconnect with someday.

There are books and courses on manifesting your dreams, lots of concrete ideas and steps to take. But this is not that kind of blog post.

I wanted to write this post to inspire you not in how to reach your dream, but in not giving it up. Don’t quit that daydream. Don’t close your heart off to the possibilities the future holds. The minute we let go of that intention, that beautiful vision inside our soul, is the minute it fails to ever be a possibility. Energy follows intention and action follows that energy.

But even more than keeping your eye on the vision, is the hope that secret dream gives to your heart. The joy that vision give us on those hard days, and through those times when we aren’t sure we will feel that joy again. Secret dreams can fuel you soul and help you take steps you never thought you could take.
Don’t let those negative inner words and path that appears full of obstacles stop you from still feeling that dream, that intention, that spark inside you -- that hope that miracles can exist and sometimes all it takes is believing in them.