What Does Daring Greatly Mean to You?

coaching connecting to heart connecting with self goals inner wisdom overcoming fear May 13, 2023

I started Brene Brown’s audiobook version of her title, Daring Greatly, last week. One of the things she says in the opening is “Courage is contagious.” And before I even began listening, I took some time to simply let the title settle in. What does the phrase, “daring greatly” mean to me? What is daring? What takes courage? And how are my thought processes different for this now than when I was younger?

My younger self would have considered mostly large risks as taking courage—ice climbing, skydiving--physical leaps of faith that involved danger or significant peril.

Heck, those things ARE daring. And I don’t think I will even be daring in a thrill-seeking way.

But what about the leaps of faith that are not so easily definable? The leaps that involve risking our heart or risking our security? The leaps that don’t have an end game that we can yet envision.

These risks can come in many forms—starting a new business, solo travel, changing the form of relationships in your life, investing money, energy or your soul in something that you are not sure has merit or value yet.

These acts of courage can be daunting. But you would not need to channel your courage if they didn’t challenge you in some absolute way. And courage is contagious--not just the courage we get when we surround ourselves with like-minded people or supportive friends and loved ones.

But our own courage is contagious. Once we have decided we can live with the risk no matter how the outcome turns out--once we release that attachment to one particular vision--we create a space within ourselves to explore our courage more and more and open our souls up to all the possibilities that exist.

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