NEW! Journaling For A Better Mindset Workshop

Is your brain often cluttered?

Do you find it hard to focus?

Are you struggling with difficult emotions? 

You have the power with you right now to change your life, and I want to help you access it (It's so much easier than you think). 

 Journaling gets a bad rap. It is considered time-consuming and hard to fit into your life. Or that you need to be a writer in order to benefit.


There are ways to effectively journal in just a few minutes a day. And anyone can do it!

*This simple act can significantly improve your mindset, outlook on life, and ability to reach your goals.*

Journaling has been shown to have a number of benefits, including:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving sleep
  • Boosting self-esteem
  • Increasing creativity
  • Promoting mindfulness
  • Helping you to achieve your goals

Here is everything you get when you enroll:

  • Access to my 4-week Journaling For A Better Mindset workshop
  • Live group coaching calls with me EVERY OTHER WEEK on themed topics and journaling Q&A and practice sessions (recorded access included!)

  • Access to our private community of incredible joy-hunters who are doing the work along side of you, embodying these tools and creating their lives.

  • Clear, step-by-step journal prompts, exercises and worksheets so you can implement everything you learn in the training.

  • BONUS! A recorded guided meditation to help you get ready for your journaling sessions. (it’s ok if you’ve never meditated before!) 

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Express gratitude
  • Connect to Nature
  • Set Intentions
  • Freewrite/brain dump
  • Free up your mind to focus
  • Process your emotions
  • Work through difficult experiences
  • Set goals
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Connect to yourself more spiritually
  • CREATE the life you want instead of reacting to it
  • And more!

I'll support you with the tools and skills you need to use journaling to create a more fulfilling life for yourself.

This is a LIMITED-TIME special Early Bird Offer…

  • Work with me live as your journaling mentor.

  • Save $100 on my masterclass and bonus and worksheets.

  • Class starts in June. Save your spot now.

  • Enrollment only $249! (Payment plan is available)

Start your summer focused and ready to enjoy life!

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Stress Less & Thrive More:

How to Conquer Overwhelm & Bring Balance to Your Life

Presented by Renee Hagar-Smith

Mindfulness Life Coach

APRIL 29, 2023 11:00 AM - 1 PM ET


Are you living in a state of stress and overwhelm? Do your responsibilities leave you with little time for enjoyment and relaxation? Would you like to slow down and live a life that feeds your soul? 

This workshop will help you find easy, fun ways to add balance to your life--and give you the tools you need to thrive more every day. 

Imagine if you could handle challenging situations more calmly, being less reactive to stress. Or if you could breathe deeply and feel present for your life. 

You can! And you can do it by making simple, doable changes. 

In this workshop, I will help you learn:

  • How to navigate stress and anxiety in a multi-tasking world;
  • Core strategies for conquering overwhelm;
  • Easy ways to be more mindful, focused, and present;
  • How incorporating bite-sized habits into your routine will help train your brain to move into a calmer state with more ease;
  • How to deal with difficult emotions; and
  • Accepting the present moment for what it is.

This workshop will include activities and exercises, as well as handouts for participants. Come join us as we learn how to stress less and thrive more for a full and balanced life!

COURSE FEE (includes workshop, handouts, and recorded access for 7 days): $99

Renee Hagar-Smith is trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), Reiki, yoga-based mindfulness, breathwork, and meditation, and is a graduate of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®. Renee is also a suicide loss survivor who used mindfulness and yogic practices to help facilitate her own healing journey. As a mindfulness life coach, Renee offers one-on-one coaching and group coaching, as well as being a speaker, workshop facilitator, and writer. She resides in Central New York with her teenage son and an adorable fluffy white dog, who is her constant companion and, surprisingly enough, is also attuned to Reiki.


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